DANIELLE H - 1st feature on Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube

Our girl Danielle who is the proud owner of Sprout Juicery as well as being a drop dead gorgeous model has had a her first feature on Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube and had over 9500 views already!

Go Danielle!

Pineapple, Berry & Coconut Smoothie | Danielle Hayley
Meet Danielle Hayley - devoted yogi and owner of Sprout Juicery. An expert in all things healthy and drinkable, Danielle will be showing you how to make drinks that taste amazing and make you feel great. Like this - her Pineapple, Berry & Coconut smoothie!
Give Danielle's recipe a try and leave a comment to let us know what you think. What do you want Danielle to make next?
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