Dan Hyman caught up with Mind Body SOUL, exclusively on Soul Artist Management; talking about misconceptions in the industry, setting goals, and his love for resistance training..

Photographed by Ashton Do

How old are you and where are you from?

24 and from Hastings, England

Three words that describe you?

Loyal, Motivated, Humble

What were you doing before you started modelling? How were you discovered? How did you land at SOUL? 

Prior to modelling, I completed a Marketing degree at Bournemouth University and then starting working full-time in London. I was discovered leaving work one day, and signed with SOUL in late 2015 after meeting them in Milan during fashion week

You started modelling full time 18-months ago and at 24 years old. What was that experience like, and how is it different from other guys in the modelling industry?

It was a huge decision for me, and not one I made lightly and without some persuasion. At the time, I had a job which I enjoyed, with a stable income and a really good set up. I didn’t understand why I should give that up to enter an industry I knew absolutely nothing about, but sometimes you have to take risks and I haven’t looked back since!

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about male models?

That we are uneducated and dumb. There is nothing that motivates me more than being underrated

You always look incredible. What is your secret to having an amazing sculpted body?

It’s no secret. It is a combination of hard work and consistency, setting yourself a goal and working out what you need to do to get yourself there

How did you end up discovering resistance bands as part of your workout? Why does this work for you? Do you recommend it to others?

I have changed my workout style hugely over the last 6 months, incorporating much more bodyweight and high intensity style workouts, instead of lifting heavy weights to slim down to suit the modelling industry. Resistance bands have played a part in this and the beauty is that you can travel with them

How has your view on fitness changed while working in the modelling industry?

I used to view fitness as all about your appearance but there is so much more to being fit and healthy than what is visible. Fitness is about self-actualization, and this is all relative to the goal you set yourself. My idea of being in good shape or “fit” could be completely different from someone else’s; it is dependent on ones’ own goals. I believe the only person you have the right to critique when it comes to fitness is yourself

Do you diet religiously to stay in shape?

I do not diet religiously. I used to but I don’t believe it’s sustainable over a long period of time, particularly with the amount of travel that comes with modelling. Don’t get me wrong – I do eat healthily 90% of the time but it’s all about finding the balance that works for you. I wish I could get away with eating donuts more than I do but that’s just the sacrifice I have to make – once (or twice) a week will have to do!

Being British, we know you love a pint and watching the match on the weekends. How do you balance enjoying life and being model-perfect?

Ha-ha, “being British,” I love that stereotype and I can’t disagree. Having a drink and watching sport is something that I’m not willing to give up, but like I mentioned before, it’s all about balance. I don’t do it the day before a job and I make sure I work hard after. You can’t cut things you enjoy out completely, that’s not healthy!

Are there pressures to being a model? How do you cope with them?

I think being judged everyday on your personal appearance comes with obvious pressures. You hear a lot, particularly recently, about insecurities and anxiety that can cause problems for models. The best way I have learned to deal with it, is to not overthink anything. You can do all the right things when it comes to hair, skin, body, etc., but at the end of the day, the way you look isn’t going to change. If a client wants you to represent their brand, then amazing. If they don’t believe you are the right fit, then we move on. Looks fade, that’s the important thing to remember

You talk a lot about goals. Why is goal setting important in your life?

It’s just the way I have always done things. How can you be motivated and know the steps you need to take if there is no end goal? I set myself goals for everything I do in life

What is your life goal? How does modelling, fitness and wellness play into this dream?

Over the next few years I would like to start my own business. Start-ups have always fascinated me, and when the time is right I hope to start my own. Fitness and wellness has been a huge part of my life over the last few years and something I have learned a huge amount about, so maybe the two could come together, we will see! 



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