E a t  L o o k  F e e l

"I've never met anyone who dosent want to become a better version of themselves, and i've also never met anyone who is perfect"

Inspiring, educating and motivating people towards a healthier lifestyle in an efficient, realistic and sustainable way, our model Dan Hyman has just launched his new platform Eat Look Feel, and we caught up with him ahead of the launch to find out all about it... 

What exactly is eatlookfeel.? 

eatlookfeel. is essentially a platform to use my knowledge, experience and qualifications to inspire, encourage and motivate people towards a healthier lifestyle

What is the inspiration behind the brand?

It all started with an interview I did in NYC. I was asked about my diet, training, routines etc and I had an amazing response. I am lucky enough to have a good platform to help people, and it inspired me to use this in a positive way

Why now?

I was always reluctant to give advice because I didn’t have the relevant qualifications, so I did a diploma in Sports Nutrition earlier this year, followed by my full Personal Training qualification. This gave me the education and confidence to launch eatlookfeel. Credibility is important. 

Also, there has been a lot of media coverage of mental health recently and I think now is a good time to combine the 3 pillars; fuel, movement and mindset to promote an all round healthier lifestyle. Mindset is a very overlooked element of healthy, particularly by males, therefore the time feels right to bring these together

How did you find taking on that extra work whilst still modelling full time?

It was full on, particularly with the nature of this industry and the amount of travel involved, but I knew that if I wanted the credibility to launch eatlookfeel., I needed the qualifications - so the motivation presented itself

What about the name eatlookfeel, where did it come from?

I have always believed the 3 core pillars to health are eating, looking and feeling good. There is so much content out there covering nutrition and training, but feeling good and having the correct mindset is a topic which is too often neglected, and in my experience the correct mindset and feeling good is the most important aspect to achieving any goals in life, inside or outside of a gym

What do you mean by the correct mindset and feeling good?

Everything we do in life is with the common goal to make ourselves or others feel good. There’s been a big focus on mental health, and with social media as big and powerful as it is, I think adopting the correct mindset can help these issues hugely. If something I produce helps one person feel good about themselves and encourage them towards a more positive mindset and lifestyle, then its happy days and job done as far as I’m concerned

So how is eatlookfeel. going to encourage and help people?

Initially I’m going to use it as a platform to share knowledge and ideas specific to the 3 pillars in the attempt to educate and inspire people to eat, look and feel good. It’s knowledge that has become second nature to me and instead of me answering everyone that asks individually, this provides a hub to put ideas out there for whoever can benefit from them

What does the future hold for eatlookfeel? What are your plans for the brand?

Short term - I’m want to keep it simple, focus on sharing knowledgeable content to help people become better versions of themselves. 

Long term - I have the ‘modern healthy’ aspect of the brand I will introduce when the time is right and I want to build a community of people eating, looking and feeling good. This is just the start. 

Due to your modelling background, do you think people could view your ideas and level as unattainable or unrealistic?

My level and goals should be irrelevant; it’s great to see people achieve their individual goals but that should not influence your own. I’m healthy, happy and functional for my lifestyle but there are lots of ways in which I can better myself and my lifestyle. Everyone has different goals and levels in life; it’s when comparisons are made between people that the biggest problems occur. It’s about bettering not comparing.

The common goal every single one of us has is to feel good and that is attainable for everybody. It is essential to understand that the core principles behind eatlookfeel. are transferrable to everybody.

The health and fitness industry has blown up hugely over the last few years, how do you plan on making eatlookfeel. stand out from the rest?

As I said before, the mindset aspect to eatlookfeel. is neglected in the industry as it is easy to think the most important are nutrition and training; these are what achieve the aesthetic goal. However from my experience having the correct mindset and learning to feel good about yourself is more beneficial long term and I have personally got into the best physical and mental shape when focusing on mindset. 

There is a noticeable lack of information combining nutrition, movement and mindset as a whole to create a healthy lifestyle. Eatlookfeel brings these both together.

I also have acquired the relevant qualifications over the last year to put me in an educated & credible position to help people with my knowledge and experience. I want to use the platform I have and combine the two in a positive way.


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