D i v i n e  M i s s  D a i s y 

C-Heads caught up with the beautiful Daisy Pettinger - a whole lotta love for cheese toasties & Sunday mornings..!

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Daisy loves melted cheese on any carbohydrates and dosent like bad wifi connections. And what about us? We just love Daisy. The London based beauty is with Nevs Model Agency and just shines in front of the camera of Oli Ajani. 

Tell us where you’re from:
I’m originally from Derbyshire. This is where people normally look a bit confused and say, ‘oh is that near Nottingham?’ And I say yes do crack out my Derby facts. Did you know that Derby is the second most haunted city in the UK (after York) and a cinema in Derby once held the world record for the producing the largest ever box of popcorn. Now that’s a city to be proud of.

What are your favourite things?
Melted cheese on any carbohydrate
Buying things I don’t need
Watching sport
Radio 4
Going for coffee with my boyfriend
Food shopping

What about your least favourite things?
Washing cutlery
People I don’t know standing too close to me in queue
Bad wifi connections
Fluffy apples
Passive aggression
Over eating

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I have two favourite things about my job. Firstly I get to meet so many new interesting creative people every day. It’s impossible to get bored of meeting new people and making new friends and connections. The other thing I love about my job is travelling. I’ve been to so many incredible places and shot in incredible locations. I’m sure I never would have had these experiences and opportunities without modelling.

Five things important to you :
My charm bracelet – each charm is from a different place/person/time in my life. So many memories!
My health. I try never to take my health for granted; I take care of myself.
Mutual Respect
Family and Friends- I feel like this goes without saying? I’m super lucky in this respect.

What’s the perfect day to you?
It would involve some sunshine, some food, my loved ones, some fresh air and probably a brisk walk. And a dog or two.

Describe a moment that defines or encapsulates love?
When my boyfriend strokes my head when he thinks I’m asleep (but I’m not)

What’s your biggest fear?
Letting myself down.

If you could choose only one of these three to live with forever which will it be? 1) Books 2) Music 3) Movies

Describe your ideal Sunday Morning :
An early morning- I don’t like laying in and wasting the morning. Having a coffee and chat with my boyfriend whilst reading the news in bed. Then doing some exercise, having some brunch whilst people watching and pottering around in some shops.


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