W h e r e  A r e  Y o u  R e a l l y  F r o m ?

"What do people hear when asked, 'where are you from really?'"

Coral Kwayie talks to I-D Magazine about how it impacts her sense of home, identity and community

"My dad is Ghanaian and my mum is British - I think she has a bit of Welsh in her. I'm from Tunbridge Wells in Kent, a very white, upper/middle class area in the UK. If people ask me where I'm from, I always trip them up and say, "England, and if you word the question correctly, then I'll answer." People get confused and say, "but where are your parents from?" I'll say, "they're from Tunbridge Wells in Kent," It's like, word it correctly and I'll answer it!

Growing up, I wasn't surrounded by people of different cultures, everyone was white, but to be honest, it doesn't really matter because even in London I don't fit in. Not only am I mixed race, but I have ginger hair and freckles so I don't really fit in anywhere, and I have known that from a young age. No matter where I am, people look at me as if I'm a clown or something. The other day a kid asked me if I was half leopard! I just go along with it now and I was like, "yeah, I am."

 Text: Amna Qureshi | Photography: Vicky Grout


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