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In honour of Black History Month this October, we were super excited for Chris Reid to take part in this amazing shoot for Haphazard Magazine!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Haphazard worked with three of the UK’s top Black models, taking DNA samples from each, in order to uncover their genealogy and inspire the narrative for each of the shoots.

"Chris found out he descends from Ivory Coast/Ghanaian blood. Since the 15th Century these areas have traded with multiple areas of Europe, including France and Portugal. The Ashanti’s, a subgroup of the Akan people, formed a number of states in Ghana built around farming and gold mining. This was traded with the Portuguese for slaves in order to further grow their colonies. Chris has traces from Iberian Peninsula in his DNA, which could be linked to the ethnic mixing of natives with Portuguese slaves or the French colonisation in 19th century.

Chris’s second highest DNA markers relate to the region of Cameroon & Congo. Many of the ethnic groups found in the two Congos are of Bantu origin, meaning they share a common ancestral language and an ancestral homeland on the western border of modern Cameroon and Nigeria. The Bantu peoples began migrating from Cameroon in about 1000 B.C. Some went east across Africa and then south; some settled the Congo River Basin; and some went south along the coast to Angola. These Bantu groups have a genetic ethnicity better represented by the Southeastern Bantu region profile.

Chris was told by his parents that somewhere in his family he had Indian descent, which we were also able to associate approximately 15% of his DNA markers. As a nod to both the African gold trade and Hinduism practices, we added a bindi to Chris’s headpiece".

Africa 82%
Ivory Coast/Ghana 42%
Cameroon/Congo 18%
Mali 8%
Trace Regions 14%
Asia 15%
South Asia 14%
East Asia 1%
Europe 2%
Pacific Islander 1% 

"A big thank you to Pebble London for allowing Haphazard access to their amazing collection of authentic ethnic jewellery and Official Black History Month Magazine for their support. We would also like to give a huge thank you to".

Photography: James Fickling | Retouching: Svetlomir Tsvetanov | Make-up: Kite Chuang | Hair: Miley Chi | Stylist: Afton Ayache | Videographer: Boss Concept


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