We recently launched our first weekly coverage of 'Work Life' over on our Instagram (go check it!) where we are bringing you lovely people an up to date BTS of what all our models really get up to. We feel its all about the Work / Life balance, and they have seriously got it down! 

Following on from all that excitement, we caught up for a chat with one of our featured ladies, the very lovely Swedish beauty that is, Sylvia Flote..

Age: A model is any age the client wants her to be (she knows)

Nationality: Norwegian

Hometown: Hareid

How discovered: At a shopping centre in Oslo

Firstly, we were totally crushing on your images for Instagram last week. You are a busy lady - how do you fit it all in?

There isn’t too much time to spare on the work days, but when you have castings, you often get time in between which is handy. To be honest I'm more amazed by people working until 6pm and spending an hour commuting everyday! I think a lot of models take our lifestyle for granted.

You seem pretty into your fitness, nailing an 8.5k run in the snow! Is there a particular routine that you stick to?

I am a fitness addict! On work days I will walk to and from work if its not more than a 90 minute journey. That way I can fit in some exercise. On casting days I have this amazing app called Class Pass, so I just pack my exercise clothes and book a class close to where I have spare time. There is never a day where I don't do any form of exercise, and my average daily step count throughout the year is never below 10,000. I do Reformer Pilates, Barre, running, power plates and climbing! (time to pull those dusty running trainers out the cupboard people!)

We noticed your an avid knitter, and knitting is like, so hot right now. Tell us what you love about it (oh, and when can we put in an order!?)

I started knitting because I was using my phone way too much! Last year I was flying back and forth all the time to Scandinavia for direct bookings, and I had a lot of time to kill on flights and commuting. I wanted something productive to do and decided to become awesome at knitting! I love that I get to make the design and fit just like I want it, it's meditative and you have created something unique by the end of it. 

I'm in the early stages of creating a little label for ‘made to order’ items. I'm very excited about it, but it takes a lot of work to finalise everything as I don't want anything half hearted!  

We were super diggin the troublesome twosome in the form of yourself and a Miss Daisy Pettinger last week! What exactly are you both plotting when you are together mmm?

Haha, well we are angels in fact, no trouble here :) We bounce ideas off each other, what with both having creative and eager minds! Also, I won't lie... I love getting inspiration on eating healthier from her! She is such an amazing cook, and she really knows her stuff. But I'm a bad student.... I have a sweet tooth that just can't be stopped. 

We had major relationship goals from your feature in the Norweigan Elle Magazine. What is it like having a photographer as your boyfriend?

It's pretty handy! If I need new polas, I always know he will take some good ones of me! We used to do a lot of shoots together before, but he had too many pictures of me in his portfolio, so it needed to be scaled back! 

We are both pretty busy these days, so when we do have spare time, we rather spend it relaxing or doing something fun together. It's good to have someone in the same industry as well, because he can relate to the lifestyle of it all. Not many boyfriends would handle a girlfriend who can never commit to booking a holiday, or when it's booked there is always the possibility that it will have to be cancelled because of work.

What do you think is the key to a good work / Life balance...?

It's important that you like your job, after all, that is what you spend most of your time throughout your life doing. With modelling, you always have to take care of yourself. I genuinely love exercise, so for me it is all about being fit and heathy. Being a size 6-8 is just not possible for me, and realising that has made me forget all the past worries that used to consume my daily life. 

I think it's important not to let the pressure of the industry occupy to much of your thoughts. It's also important to focus on the positive things in all the jobs you do. Getting to know the team and having a great day at work makes all the difference! 

What is your most memorable modelling job to date and why?

Bench campaign. This was my first ever job after a week in London. I was only testing the waters, and all of a sudden I had a campaign. It was shot in big estate with a huge team, and I remember being a bit gob smacked by it all.

What are you most looking forward to for the year ahead? Anything exciting on the horizon?

As I mentioned earlier, I'm pretty excited about my label (knitting). I'm a creative person and it feels nice that my education is finally going towards something. It's only a small project, but it has potential. I love the process of it all!

Tell us a secret...

I never tell secrets, but, I do have some fun facts to share...

  • I am a metal fan. Black metal, thrash metal, death metal and even Nu Metal. If you can head bang to it I'm all in!
  • My favourite thing is going to bed in newly washed sheets - bliss
  • I have a phobia of touching polystyrene and the sound of the polystyrene boards getting moved around on shoots makes me cringe
  • I'm a natural born vegetarian. As I child I always asked my mom if my food had eyes, If it did, I didn't eat it
  • I don't like melted cheese. I know right...who am I?!


Follow Sylvia on Instagram: @sylviaflote