Carl Torstensson: 5 Questions with Foxes Magazine

Photographer: Wanda Martin

FOXES: When were you scouted and how?
 It was a year and a half ago in Spain, my then roommate convinced me to have meetings with different agencies in Barcelona. I am from a small town in Sweden where modeling doesn't really exist, so it was in Barcelona that I realized it was a thing and that it might be something I could pursue.

FOXES: What got you into modeling and what interests you about it?
 Starting modeling I was pretty reserved, because I had not heard good things about the industry. But everyone I've met has been really nice and has treated everyone with respect. So just meeting new and interesting people for me is one of the biggest pros with modeling.

FOXES: Who’s your favorite designer or someone you’d like to walk for?
 A Swedish brand that I am really fond of is Weekday because their clothing is very simple and classic for an affordable price. But walking for a brand, I would definitely say walking for Topman simply because I love their clothing.

FOXES: Is there one photographer that you’d love to work with?
 First of all I feel really blessed to have worked with a lot of truly great photographers so far, whom I know will make it far in the business. After saying that, shooting with a genius like Mario Testino would be an absolute dream come true.

FOXES: Aside from modeling, what else do you pursue or like to do in your free time?
 I am really interested in entrepreneurship in general, and I constantly have ideas in my head that I want to peruse. I will want to make a name for myself with something that I have made myself and it would definitely be in the fashion direction - the future will tell what that will be. ;) 


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