"This Swedish It Girl and Instagram Star is Your New Favourite Beauty Rebel"

Check out our very own Nevs Gal Cajsa Wessberg in her interview with Vogue

Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”— an old adage that rings true for Stockholm-based Cajsa Wessberg, an illustrator-cum-model who buzzed off her lengths and has never looked back. It’s hard to imagine that the angelic-featured 25-year-old—with her poreless skin, crystal blue eyes, and plush pout—has ever felt anything but beautiful, yet her radical cut actually sprung from an intense discomfort in her own skin

“I think I felt so ugly in the hair that I had that I just wanted to get rid of it,” explains Wessberg. “Suddenly I couldn’t stand it any longer.” And, so, while celebrating the Swedish holiday Midsummer Eve with her family at their cabin, she snuck away to shave her hair off in the backyard. “It was really dramatic. Everyone got very quiet,” she recalls. “My dad thinks it’s beautiful, but it took a while for him.”

Now, two-and-a-half years later, Wessberg, who cites Twiggy as a muse, keeps up her ’do by running a razor through her hair every week and using a leave-in conditioner for a soft, touchable texture. And although she lives in Sweden, where she says women gravitate towards a natural look, Wessberg cannot help but experiment with bold colors—be they in the form of dye (her hair has run the gamut from pink and blue to gray and, most recently, snow white) or makeup. “I think since I like to illustrate I also like to draw on my face,” she says. Spoken like a bona fide beauty star in the making.


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