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"The best forms of artistic output can come from combining the different worlds that feed it. The Forumist caught up with a few of the individuals carving out their own place in the creative universe by merging art, fashion and music, including our lovely Cajsa Wessberg"

A young, inspiring artist who understands the bond between all forms of art is illustrator and model Cajsa Wessberg. Her drawings and designs often show animals and are influenced by nature in a beautiful way that can be at once innocent and purposeful. The line of educational toys she has created – Köttdjur (Meat Animals) – is about teaching children that the meat we eat comes from real animals. It is a mindful method that seeks to educate the young about things that our and Wessberg’s generation did not have the chance to learn when we were growing up. Change must start early, and change is needed

For Wessberg, when it comes to art, seeing the synergy is natural to her and the creative people of her generation. “Everything is definitely connected,” she says. “I’m really inspired by music, fashion and film, probably much more than visual arts. I don’t really gather that much inspiration from the outside, it’s more from the inside.” 

 Being both a model and an illustrator, Wessberg gets a first-hand glimpse of the worlds of fashion and art. She feels that there is a rise of consciousness in the arts, with questions about racism and feminism being raised more often. When asked about her ability to operate within both worlds, she shares some of her thoughts on artistic innovation: “Combining the two works perfectly! Since my illustration work is freelance and it’s all my own projects, I am free to work wherever and whenever I want. It can be a bit difficult to find enough time and, right now, modelling takes up most of my time. Sometimes I am very artistically stimulated by it, when the art direction and the concept are exciting and innovative, but I am surprised at how often the fashion world lacks innovation. I feel like there is a lot of reproducing of what already exists – the same old poses, make-up and clothing.”

Perhaps there is a lot of reproduction of what already exists in music and in fashion. Perhaps that is one of the foundations of art – redoing the past in our own images. Wessberg is part of a generation that is ready to step in and change the worlds of music, fashion, art, film, illustration – whatever its members set their minds to. This generation, my generation, is ready to take over.

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Words: Filip Lindström | Photography: Dan Sjölund | Styling: Maria Barsoum at Linkdetails | Hair: Sherin at Adamsky | Special thanks to: Whyred


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