W a l k i n g  T a l l 

Brad Kroenig recalls accompanying his son, Hudson on the Chanel catwalk in 'Walking Tall' for the Telegraph; 

This show took place in an 18th-century house on a lake, so not at all like the typical runway. It was for the Chanel Métiers d’Art show in Salzburg 2014. Each room was grand. The dining room, here, and ballroom in particular were stunning, and we had to walk up and down the stairs and weave in and out of the individual rooms, so it was quite a complicated walk. As it was such an intimate venue, there were three shows that day with the main one at 8pm. Even though we’d done two by this point, Hudson’s excitement hadn’t died down at all.

The first Chanel show Hudson walked in was held in the Grand Palais – there were over 3,000 guests and he was just two years old.

He was a real natural and was completely comfortable in front of the cameras. He just goes into this zone, much like an athlete would – he’s never been fazed by any of it.

We’re big on education and he’s doing fantastically at school. Travelling the world and experiencing these amazing places such as Dubai, Cuba, Korea and Austria has taught him so many things that he wouldn’t learn at school; it’s a perfect combination.

We just got back from the Chanel autumn/ winter 2017 show in Paris, which featured

a giant rocket, and the first thing Hudson said afterwards was, ‘Dad, when is the

next show? When is our next trip with Karl?’

He loves all of the action – it’s in his blood. His favourite part of any Chanel show is

doing the finale with Karl Lagerfeld, who really dotes on both him and Jameson [Hudson’s younger brother]; he’s always sending them cool colouring books and sketches.

Hudson loved the lederhosen he got to wear here. It was really funny, actually: he brought the looks he wore in the show home with us, and he and Jameson staged a fashion show when we got back. My wife, Nicole, and I sat on the couch – the front row, of course – and they played music and had multiple out t changes. It was really cute

Interview by Krissy Turner


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