"In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist" Angela Y. Davis

Here at Nevs we do not tolerate racism in any form. Diversity and inclusivity has always been at the forefront of what we do and who we are and we will continue to work hard to understand and support this moving forward. We ALL need to step up and fight against systemic racism together. 

As noted by Venetia La Manna, "If unravelling and understanding privilege and systemic racism is new to you, please do not feel overwhelmed, nervous or scared". No one will get everything right all the time. Instead, choose to seek resources to aid you. If you have slipped up, take the time to explore why it happened and carry that with you into the future. You can learn safely, and we can do this TOGETHER.

We have listed a number of links and useful information below which you may find helpful. We would also welcome any further informative, educational, supportive recomendations, we are all continuously learning. Please feel free to drop us an email at: [email protected] 

So how can we all step up and be better allies and proactively anti-racist?


Nevs, as a company, has made a donation to the George Floyd Memorial Fund

Donating is a direct way to help provide funds for those protesting, and contributes to change when you cannot be there in person. We have compiled a list of links you can donate to as below.If you have the means to, even the smallest donation can have a vital impact.


Shout out to some great platforms below for compiling these important books, resources and links for access to further education. The list will be updated as resources develop.


We have compiled a list of documentaries and films for you to consider viewing as below.


Get signing those petitions people! There are so many petitions and letters that you can add your name to, and it really is worth taking a few minutes of your time to do so. Please see a list we have compiled so far below.

The Black Curriculum

Black Lives Matter / Black Lives Matter



Stepping up and speaking out when something is happening around you is imperative. If you haven't already, it is also time to begin a lifetime of hard conversations with others and ourselves. It is time to create safer spaces and opportunities for those in need. Be aware of the content you are sharing, distressing footage is distressing, let us all take the time to start sharing factual and research based content and a call to action in its place.

We are extremely aware that being part of a movement isn't just about speaking out and sharing information. What are we going to do tomorrow? How are we going to actively move forward from here? This is something we, as an agency, are constantly working on to support. Our family, our community has always been of the uptmost importance to us, and we hope to carry on providing that support in as many ways possible to help affect the change that is so desperately required. 

Let us all promise to listen to and amplify the voices of POC.

Let us all teach each other compassion and understanding.

Let us all be part of the change.