We Are The Young | AW'16  #WeAreUs

We L O V E Berta, Christie, Stella and Tania for Boohoo !

"Adulting? We're over it. It's the season to let your spirit free, eat glitter for breakfast, hit up the fair, spend every weekend camping, buy the shoes and don't grow up. Because what’s the fun in doing what you’re told?.

Check out the faces of Boohoo's AW'16 campaign as they take us around Dreamland. Not only are all of the girls tres tres hot but they're all super cool. Wanna know more about them? Check what they're reminiscing about..."

Stella M Klein, Berlin - "A song that reminds me of being younger is Frank Sinatra - My Way 'cause my mother always used to play it and we were always singing that song" 

Tânia Tavares, Cape Verde "When I was younger I wanted to be a singer, but I kind of wanted to be a model too" 

Christie Leigh C, London - "To avoid adulting I probably go out, maybe a bit too much, try and have fun whenever I can and just not worry and remain as care free as possible"

Berta, Barcelona - "The best advice I was ever given was to worry about nothing, to enjoy life and enjoy the moment like carpe diem" 


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