Name: Dane Brickley

Age: 16

Nationality: English

Hometown: London 

How were you discovered? Scouted by a photographer in the Red Wing shoe store in London.

Any new years resolutions? Have more fun and care less.

Dream show/presentation to be a part of? Why? Burberry Prorsum because of the massive heritage and prestige surrounding the brand and its history. Christopher Bailey's collections are also the definition of British luxury. 

Summer or Winter? Summer! I'm cold all year round so anything that makes me remotely warmer is preferred.

Describe your style? Probably on the minimalistic side of the spectrum, I rarely choose loud items of clothing and prefer anything muted in design or neutral colours.

If you weren’t a model you would be a….geologist or something else environment related, I've always found anything like that easy and interesting.

What’s on your music playlist right now? Some unorganised mess between Grace Jones, Kate Bush and Donna Summer. (don't judge me but it's true)

One word to describe Nevs? Intimate

What are the essentials you carry with you during the long days of fashion week castings? Plenty of water and a decent lip balm. Cracked or dry lips are the worst in the winter weather.

Keep up to date with Dane during the mens collections across London/Milan and Paris Via instagram: @danebrickley