We LOVE Aweng in the new story for Tessabit captured beautifully by Omar Macchiavelli

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I d e n t i k i t 


Age: 19 years old
From: South Sudan, Born in Kenya, raised in Australia 
Distinguishing marks: Scars 
Instagram: @awengofficial 

How did you decide to become a model?
I was fourteen years old I was working at my local McDonald’s & a beautiful lady with bright red hair came in & screamed “YOU HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FACE, YOUR SCARS! YOUR SKIN! OH MY!”

Your first style memory?
I remember and was first impressed by the S/S 13 Jean Paul Gaultier because it had models of colours that I knew of and it had girls from my own community in there. It was utterly amazing.

Which are the brands that most reflect your style and prefer?
I am a very local girl, I love the fashion going on in my local community, like NAATH a brand based in Sydney Australia. But I also love Céline, Maison Margiela and Helmut Lang. But right now I dream a collaboration with Kanye West.

Who or what are you currently inspired by?
By my generation: we are doing a lot for this world and we are really vocals about the issues the world seems to be ignoring. I am inspired by the mere existence of a person that has the power to make a massive change.

What is beauty for you?
Beauty for me is self-acceptance. It is knowing your flaws but accepting them too.

What's your motto?
My motto is “There’s another day”, I feel like with the chaos of the world right now. We tend to forfeit that we are here for a limited time. There is a ticking clock behind our wheel, but despite that there’s another day for that one hug, that one kiss, that one goodbye. I feel like society needs to start putting an emphasis that there’s another day for better choices

Day off: what do you do?
On my day off I like to read. I’ve been reading at least two hundred books per year, for the past few years, so I am very adamant on keeping that on track. I have read “1984” by George Orwell and “The Ascent of Humanity” by Charles Einstein more than ten times each.

What do you call home?
Honestly, Home is anywhere that has coconut water for me, Home is anywhere that’s kinda messy, and home is where whoever is around is being themselves.

The biggest teaching you've ever received?
My dad, who was a soldier and was in war his whole life, taught me a lot, he was the professor of philosophy in my life because he had seen a lot. And one of the biggest teachings I’ve ever received from him was to just live. And that is a very important teaching, from my perspective.

An advice you would give to a young girl of today?
As my culture has influenced my daily life by reminding me that I am a female, I am a part of the LGBT community and that I want to live my life and deal with the questions later, to the young girl of today I am wishing enough tears for today so tomorrow you could laugh until you cry, because you missed the drizzling of your own tears. And also, since your surroundings will try to knit you into someone that you are not, I wish you enough power & self-love to know that there is nothing wrong with you. To the young girl of today, if you have a dream, go for it.

Photography: Omar Macchiavelli | Make-up & Hair: Erica Peschiera | Creative & Styling: Arianna Roda | Digital: Martina Gerosa | Stylists Assistants: Rebecca Lenarduzzi & Alessandra Bernasconi | Location: Ratti Flora


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