Nevs Gal Aweng for Indie Magazine

Stand out Face Aweng and a study in Decadence

"As the clothes of this editorial perfectly fuse with the baroque and almost decadent setting, model Aweng’s striking beauty stands out. There is a certain allure around her that makes you keep your eyes on her and definitely prove her to be the star of these images, elevated over everything else that is going on in the background – as captivating as this scenery might be itself. And it’s not just this editorial: The South Sudanese model is having an equally magnetic effect on the fashion industry, with an impressive number of illustrious magazine spreads already under her belt and an Instagram fan base very much on the rise".

Photography: Antonio Mingot | Styling: Rachael Rodgers | Hair: Tasos Constantinou | Make-up: Alina Makarenko | Casting: Eleonora Laureti | Production: Serena Pompei & Koa Pennock | Styiing Assistants: Francesca Dyke | Helene Kuhnen | Special thanks to: Sarastro London


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