"Dinners Ready"

Our Gorgeous Aweng starring in the new Campaign "Dinners Ready' by Nadia Lee Cohen | GCDS x Barilla 

Inspired by the 1960’s technicolor back lots from the films of Douglas Sirk and Alfred Hitchcock, the film moves through red brick streets, gritty subways, dark jazz clubs, and paradise beach highways, depicting a day in the life of a cornucopia of cast members, all on their way to a once in a lifetime meal.

Makeup: Adam Burrell | Manicurist: Yoko Sakakura@nails_by_yoko | Executive Producer: Carlota Ruiz de Velasco | Producers: Malcolm Duncan & Fabien Colas | Director of Photography: Simon Duggan | Stylist: Anna Trevelyan | Hair Stylist: Sami Knight


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