P r e t t y  R u d e  B o y s

Aodan, Brieu and Max  in 'Pretty Rude Boys' for F Word Magazine

"New York-born, Paris-based creative director Jeffrey Cameron teams up with fashion and portrait photographer Alexander English to create Pretty Rude Boys. In this exclusive portrait series, the creative duo explore the beauty within the rough and rude aesthetic. In this series, they capture these beautiful boys, covered in tattoos and with a big attitude. Some may call them bad-ass, others may call the rude, but deep inside they're just boys. Their beauty is found not in the conventional boy-next-door beauty standards but in the real image of who they represent"

Creative direction & Styling: Jeffrey Cameron | Photography: Alexander English | Styling assistant: Flynn Louis | Grooming: Jo Coletta, Natsumi Ebiko, Mimi Kobayashi


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