With LCM fast approaching, our new face Andrei Koopchenko stopped by for a quick chat ahead of all the show madness!

Age: 22 

Nationality: Russian 

Hometown: Moscow 

How discovered? A photographer contacted me through the Russian Network

Welcome to the Nevs family! How does it feel?

It feels really nice thank you, I am happy :)

How is 2016 shaping up for you so far?

All is perfect now I am in London. It’s so cool, I love it here a lot, and being near my fave team Arsenal is great (I used to be a professional player) 

Are you excited about London Collection Men?

Yes! I have experienced about 4 FW Paris/Milan, but this will be my first time in London

What are you most looking forward to for the weekend ahead?

Job satisfaction and lots of fun!

What are your model must haves?

I always bring a book (I like reading when on the underground) my telephone, money, and a thermal flask

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Travel, new countries and new friends  

Highlight of your career so far? 

The Gucci and Prada shows at Milan fashion week!

Most interesting photo shoot?

A campaign in Egypt, it was a direct booking for 6 days. Longer shoots give you time for resting, swimming and eating

What makes you tick?

My family, friends, love and money 

What is your most treasured possession?

My Football. My whole life I have watched and played football, I started playing when I was just 6 year’s old

Favourite Designer?

Gucci and Tom Ford

Couldn’t live without?

Starting my morning with oatmeal and coffee!  

Currently on your playlist?

Lots of different music, but I really love house, pop and techno. I don’t have a favourite group, but I do like Rihanna and would love to watch her in London on 24th June at Wembley

What makes you smile? 

Movies, books, and Russian comedy tv shows 

Most recent purchase?

Dsquared shoes, Emporio Armani jeans, and a classic black tee

Fave movie of all time?

I have so many, but the one I remember most is 'Law Abiding Citizen'

Can you sum yourself up in three words? 

Punctual, happy, friendly 

Currently reading?

Yesterday I finished 'Robert Galbraith - Cuckoo calling'

What’s your secret to a happy life? 

Be yourself 

Obsessed with right now? 


What do you think is the key to a good work | life balance? 

Sport, health, and a little bit of luck 

Dream vacation?

The ocean, a villa, and a lot of friends  

Ultimate Style Icon?

David Beckham

Biggest inspiration?

The ocean. I love water, you can enjoy the horizon, and its great for thinking

Tell us a secret…

I love beer 


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