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Our super talented Alysha Ramos on the cover of Rollacoaster Magazine AW19!

At 17, most of us were just about getting through our A Level homework and watching Gossip Girl re-runs on repeat. Meanwhile, London-born artist Alysha has spent the past year making her own music, jetting off around the world to work with renowned producers, and gearing up to drop her debut EP this September. No. Big. Deal.

Alysha’s taking a well-deserved break in Croatia when we catch up in August, but she tells me her heart will always lie in north west London, “because everyone that I care for and love lives there.” While the city will always be home and provide endless opportunities for inspiration, the singer also cites the music her Cuban family have introduced her to as something that’s unquestionably shaped her sound. “I would hear a lot of salsa and mambo growing up,” she recalls fondly. “My dad was constantly drumming away with his hands on the table, so this influenced a lot of the rhythms in my melodies.

”Blending neo soul, 90s R&B and lo-fi sounds, Alysha’s laid-back slow jams are made to soundtrack everyday life. “I imagine people listening to my music anywhere – on the tube, on a long drive, walking down the street,” she muses, emphasising: “I want them to relate.” Whether she’s pining for a guy with a girlfriend on “Dreams”, asking her boyfriend to put down his phone and be still in the present moment on “Freedom”, or to come through and chill with her on “David Attenborough” (“it’s like a Netflix and chill song, except it’s David Attenborough and chill…”) Alysha’s songs document universal, culturally relevant experiences she wants us to connect with, capturing the heightened emotions of teenage relationships.

“Yes!” She says firmly, when I ask if these stories stem from her own life. “I definitely write from personal experience; I have to feel my emotions first.” Having already lived a rich, ambitious life at such a young age, Alysha’s got no shortage of stories to tell. This September she’s planning on letting us in on everything she’s been up to with the release of her debut EP, but when I ask what we can expect she’s uncharacteristically elusive, promising “a lot of neo soul and lo-fi sounds.” Moving forward, she wants to experiment with other genres too, settling on Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter and rapper Koffee as the artist she’d love to work with next: “I love her vibe, and I love how she’s doing her own thing instead of following what everyone else is doing.” Having already exhibited a natural flair for making music, her own artistic vision and tenacity beyond her years, it’s this appreciation for independence and individuality that’s underpinned Alysha’s own career so far, and will no doubt continue to guide her rise.

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