It has finally come to the end of 2017, and oh - whaaaatttt a year!!

Gone by in a flash, leaving us all crashing into christmas like, seriously, major; its been a roller-coaster of emotions, but so so extra on many levels.

We decided to post our last blog of 20-seventeen pickin out some of our faves / our highlights, just before we start on the bubbly and fall asleep on the sofa (its been long okay..) 

Firstly we have to mention our all shiny, all brand new website (ta da!) courtesy of the guys @ Giant Peach - thanks guys! Secondly, How beautiful is the new video on the homepage, full of our in-credible new face women, courtesy of Brace Productions Ltd - thank you a-team!

For our Womens highlights this year, we would like to give special mention to the following (in no particular order); Emily Bador 'Make Your Mark' for Missguided (serious inspo), Aweng for Burberry (yaasss), Daniela Kocianova for Celine (stunning), Helene Selam walking for Vivienne Westwood (nailed it), Stella Klein for Hypebae (we love), Tania Tavares for Valentino (uh huh) and Georgia & Christie for Schwarskopf (super babes).

Over to our mens highlights, (again, in no particular order); Tom Webb for Gant and Polo Ralph Lauren x Wimbledon (serious swoon) Tyson Douglas for The White Company, Aodan for Jack Wolfskin, Dorian for Nigel Cabourne, Jonty Finn wizzing around for Seat Leon, Chris Perceval for both Next and Firetrap, Thomas Barry for Cos, Matthew Davidson for Boohoo, Dan Hyman for Thomas Pink, Adidas and Harrods (love love), Pavel for Casley Hayford, Sam Barham for Hackett , Olivier Geraghty for Richards James and Aston Martin, and Eyal for Lancome alongside Taylor Hill (lucky Taylor!)

Finally, we would like to give a huge thanks to the rest of our Nevs Fam; models, staff and our marvellous clients for being YOU, and heres to wishing you all a fabulous 2018!!!


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