For Style & Talent Georgia Salamat talks about her modelling experiences, how she was discovered and what is on the cards for the next few weeks.
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Georgia: “I got scouted when I was 12 at the Clothes Show, but my parents didn’t want me to go into it then because it’s an adult environment. I carried on getting scouted and when I was in New York, at 14, I even got scouted by Ford.

I started working as a model in London and Nevs have been very good for me because they’re commercial and I absolutely love it. I got an agency in Miami a couple of months ago, so after Uni I’ll have a chance to travel.

I had a fitting today with Superdry today. They’ve got a really cool team and brand and are quite different to the other stuff I do which is quite structured. It’s nice to work with a chill brand.

I like it when there’s a complete storyboard planned out and amazing clothes. You walk in as a blank converse and you get a complete transformation. You get your hair and make-up done and have to be a different person in a story in front of a camera. The team has a vision that comes together in the end. A model needs to be creative, too.

I have a few castings coming up with New Look, Bumble and Bumble, and a ‘go see’ for a photographer. I get to meet lots of different people and each shoot has a different vibe, a different vision.

After my modelling career I’ll probably go into marketing, maybe in the fashion industry but still on the creative side. Marketing for a fashion brand would be amazing.

My favourite designer is Oscar de la Renta. I think any red carpet dress that I’ve adored has always been Oscar de la Renta. And wedding dresses from Vera Wang. I also like that Kooples on the high street. It’s more upmarket than Topshop or River Island and more unique.”

Photo and interview Greg Tallent