Special bookings beaut Calum Best fronts the new Burton Menswear campaign in an exclusive collaboration for #BURTONMAN. The collection explores casuals, loose tailoring and the classic suited-and-booted look with Calum hand picking pieces for the ultimate Burton man. 

As proof that you can turn your life around, this proper gent flaunts his effortless charm, good looks and slick style in the campaign's images which are in store now. 

As part of the collaboration, Burton caught up with the man himself ...

Calum on being a teenage model in Malibu

It's funny because where I grew up you wouldn't think it was cool to be a model. Even now, I think cringe, cringe, cringe but I'm a grown man so it's not the same thoughts I had then. 

Calum on his time in Milan at the age of 18

While I was in Milan, I was very lucky to work for the likes of Burberry, Monsoon, I shot with Mario Testino, I shot with Terry Richardson, some of the best photographers in the world. And you don't really realise it at the time until you look back. 

Calum on getting sucked into the party lifestyle

I remember this PR woman who worked for the agency. She and I were getting invites to a lot of events. She looked at me and said, make sure you don't get caught up in this. And I was like, I've got it, I've got it, don't worry, don't worry because I was working during the day as well. Next thing you know I was caught up in it big time.

Calum on his mid-to-late 20s

I was soaking up the limelight, soaking up the newfound fame, I guess you could say, and I was just partying too hard. In my head I didn't know my path, I didn't know myself, my health was bad and I was out every night. Nothing about it was healthy.

Calum on conquering the demons

I thought, I've gotta give it my best go because at 27/28, you've got to get your stuff together and I went for it. I'm no saint. I'm not preaching any Gospel here and we've all got our demons - I'm just saying that I faced mine and I conquered them. 

Calum on changing his life from shots of whiskey to shots of protein

As soon as I showed the universe I wanted to change they gave me an opportunity to change, which was a documentary for the BBC called Brought Up By Booze. It was a serious game changer in my life. 

Calum on manners

I always feel I was raised well, I was raised with manners, I was raised to be a gentleman and I always try to carry those traits out. I pride myself on thinking that I'm a good man with good morals. And I hope I make my mum proud.

Calum on hitting the gym

There's no shortcut to actually getting to the gym. It's just about self-motivation. Just like anything, people can't make the decision for you. You have to want it and do it yourself.

Calum on living a balanced life

I train everyday and I like to eat well but at the same time if I want a piece of chocolate cake, I'm going to eat the piece of chocolate cake.

Calum on addiction

It's not your fault, it's up to the person to pick that drink up and drink it. You don't ever want to take the blame. All you can do is just be there to support them. 

Calum on accepting who he is

I used to walk into a room and worry about who likes me, now I walk into a room, and I'm like, who do I like? (I stole that from Jay-Z.)

Calum on being the son of a football legend

I'm very proud of the name and I'm proud of the legacy and I'm happy to carry it on. It got tricky at some points though because having a dad who is a legend puts you in a real shadow. 

Calum on playing football

I love playing football and it's funny because sometimes I'm on the pitch, and people are like, why did you not go somewhere with it? When I played 11-a-side, I was a striker but now I play five-a-side, I play defence but my best asset would be my shot I think.

 Calum on having a famous godmother

My mum trained Cher, she was her fitness trainer for many many years and I grew up with Cher around and, erm, next thing you know Cher was my godmother.


Check out the exclusive CALUMBESTXBURTON video on the Burton Website here.

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